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Shadecloth Load Covers


  • Cargo Nets - Shadecloth

    • Shade Cloth Load Cover Sizes:

    Product Overview

    Sunset Canvas has designed a range of cargo nets for utilities, trucks and trailers that are easy to attach, flexible to accommodate variation in load sizes and can be made to suit your requirements. Shadecloth cargo nets are manufactured using heavy duty commercial grade shadecloth.  Although not as flexible as the mesh cargo nets, shadecloth gives complete load coverage if you carry smaller items that would escape through the 40mm squares of the mesh.  These cargo nets can be manufactured with cut-outs around tool boxes and other items permanently secured to your tray, for easy access even when your load is fully secured.

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    • Heavy Duty Commercial Shadecloth: For extra durability.
    • Tray Extension: Cargo nets extend down the tray approximately 150mm and the stretch cord allows for additional flexibility in load heights.
    • Reinforced Edging: 50mm edges are reinforced for a superior quality.
    • Double Stitched: For additional strength.
    • Attachments: Stretch cord & hooks.

    Optional Extras

    • Cut-outs: For around rollbars, toolboxes or other items permanently secured to your tray.

    Product Q&A

    Cargo Nets - Shadecloth
    Cargo Nets - Shadecloth