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Wetseal Neoprene Car Seat Covers


  • Car Seat Covers - Wetseat Neoprene

    • Front Seat Covers - 2 x Bucket Seats - Universal suits MOST Vehicles
      Front Seat Covers - Tailor Made for Vehicles With NO Seat Airbags
      Middle and Back Row Seat Covers
      Seat Cover Colour:
      Seat Cover Stitching Colour:

    Product Overview

    Your vehicle in an investment you want to protect and Neoprene Wet Seat Covers prevent normal wear and tear to the seats in your vehicle.  

    Made from the same fabric used in wet suits, these seat covers are available for all popular models of sedans, utilities and 4WD vehicles.  

    What type of seat cover do you need  for your vehicle:
    • Universal Covers - For vehicles WITH seat air bags these are the only option. These seat covers are designed for front bucket seats with removable headrests and are compatible to the safety critical Side Seat Airbags.  The universal covers have an open panel on the door side of the vehicle and do not conceal the back of the seat (see brochure attached for more details). The headrest is tailor-made for your vehicle and is ordered separately. 
    • Tailor-made Covers - Only for vehicles with NO seat airbags. This style of seat cover has the side and back of the seats covered, there are cutouts for trays, armrests etc and the headrest is included.  Tailor-made covers are also available for the front bench seat of some vehicles.  Middle and back row seats for sedans, dual cabs and wagons are all tail-made covers to suit the make and model of your vehicle. 


    • UV Safe.
    • Water Resistant.
    • Simple to fit & remove.
    • Abrasion & chemical resistant.
    • Easy to clean. Rubber backed to eliminate movement when fitted.
    • Available in black, grey and pink with your choice of stitching colour.

    Optional Extras

    Product Q&A

    Car Seat Covers - Wetseat Neoprene
    Car Seat Covers - Wetseat NeopreneCar Seat Covers - Wetseat NeopreneCar Seat Covers - Wetseat NeopreneCar Seat Covers - Wetseat Neoprene
    Car Seat Covers - Wetseat Neoprene

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