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  • Vehicle Canopies - Utilities

    Product Overview


    At Sunset Canvas vehicle canopies are our specialty. In a typical fortnight, we fabricate 10 to 15 ute canopies in our Toowoomba Workshop. Each canopy is a custom-made for your vehicle so options can be added to the standard canopy to your requirements. We are able to supply the frame or, if you prefer, we can use your frame. Since 1985 Sunset Canvas has built a reputation as a leading fabricator of quality canopies so for your vehicle, don't compromise, only settle for the best.

    Call our workshop today on (07) 4633 1600 for a free quote or use the 'get a quote' button above.

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    Canopy – Standard Inclusions….

    • Two Windows - One front & back for visibility.
    • Six Zippers: Two on each side & two at the back for access. YKK Zippers are used for their superior quality.
    • Roll Up Tabs: Secures side walls when rolled up.
    • Two Air Vents with Roll Up Ties: Eliminates dust suction inside canopy & allows air circulation.
    • Paint Protection Strip: Lined Bottom Canopy Edge to protect vehicle paint.
    • Reinforcing: Reinforcement at critical wear points to prevent deterioration.
    • Components: Fitted to your vehicle & reinforced where necessary.
    • Shock Cord: Ties down Canopy.
    • Headboard Velcros & Ropes: Prevents flapping.

    Frame - Standard Inclusions...

    • Rolled Sheet Metal Corners: Prevents rubbing as there are no sharp corners on the canopy frame.
    • Stepped out to meet Vehicle Tray: Canopy sits better over the outer edge of your vehicle for a more tailored finish.
    • Fully Primed: no corrosion.

    Optional Extras

    Canopy – Optional Extras….

    • Aluminium Roll-Up Bars in Hems;
    • Individual Lugs for Canopy;
    • Additional Zippers;
    • Additional Windows;
    • Privacy Flaps to the Inside of the Window;
    • Screening of Sides or Back;
    • Individual Lugs to Fasten Screens;
    • Pin Striping;
    • Extend the Canopy to Bottom of Tray;
    • Extend the Screen to the Bottom of Tray;
    • Zip-On Provisions for Awning/Fly to be added at a later date;
    • Awning/Fly;
    • Valance to Awning/Fly to add walls at a later date;
    • Walls for Awning/Fly.

    Frame – Optional Extras….

    • Follow Headboard Shape;
    • Step-Out Over Headboard;
    • Two Ladder Racks (Frame Heavier Steel) - rated to 100kg when bolted down;
    • Three Ladder Racks (Frame Heavier Steel and includes Third Bow) - rated to 100kg when bolted down;
    • Alloy Checker Plate Hardtop with Aluminium Track on Four Sides;
    • Full Mesh and Gas Gates.

    Product Q&A

    Do you need my vehicle to manufacture a canopy?
    Yes, one day is required to manufacture a standard frame unless the frame has been pre-measured and for a standard canopy we require the vehicle for one day.

    What should I use to clean my canopy?
    Warm soapy water is recommended. Harsh cleaners such as truck wash should never be used. Vuplex is available to keep enhance the clarity of your clear PVC windows.

    Can I supply my own frame?
    Yes, our Salespeople would be happy to discuss the any options for your canopy frame.

    How much will it cost for a ute canopy?
    Ute canopies have many options and are tailor-made to our customer's requirements. Our most basic canopy, with the customer supplying the frame, start at less than $1000.

    Vehicle Canopies - Utilities
    Vehicle Canopies - UtilitiesVehicle Canopies - UtilitiesVehicle Canopies - UtilitiesVehicle Canopies - Utilities
    Vehicle Canopies - UtilitiesVehicle Canopies - UtilitiesVehicle Canopies - UtilitiesVehicle Canopies - Utilities
    Vehicle Canopies - UtilitiesVehicle Canopies - Utilities

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