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Sunset Canvas has been manufacturing tarpaulins for the trucking industry and primary producers since 1985, and during this time has refined the methods used in the manufacture of tarpaulins to be sure the product produced is durable, long-lasting and meets or exceeds industry standards. 

  • Cotton Seed & Haystack Covers

    Product Overview

    Cotton seed covers and haystack covers can be made to any size required, in the material most suited to your needs. They can be made for strength and durability or as an economical method of covering your hay or cotton seed.


    • UV stabilized premium grade Polyfabric, PVC vinyl or canvas depending on the application
    • 3 year UV warranty on Polyfabric material
    • •Joins are high frequency or tape welded – more waterproof and extra strong
    • welded edges with brass eyelets or sewn edges with reinforced triangle patch (5 thickness of material) with eyelet or cut edge if you are burying material

    Optional Extras

    • stencil of your company name
    • ropes available as required

    Product Q&A

    Cotton Seed & Haystack Covers