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Single Swags

Sunset Canvas manufactures two ranges of swags: Deluxe Swag Range and Sunset Swag Range Each range includes a single, king-single and double size. To order a swag online, at the bottom of this page, simply choose: The Style from one or our Swag Ranges; The Size - Single, King-Single or Double; Mattress Requirements - No Mattress, 50mm or 75mm Mattress; The Colours from our Colour Selection Guide. Swags are made in our Workshop in Toowoomba, Queensland, so custom made swags to your requirements are also available. 

  • Swag - Single Sunset

    • $290.00
    • Vinyl Base Colour
      Canvas Top Colour
      Mattress Option
      Optional Extras
      2 x Screened Front and Back Sections $100
      1 x Storm Flap $90
      2 x Storm Flaps (Front and Back) $180
      Screen Printing - Details to be supplied at checkout $120

    Product Overview

    At Sunset Canvas our swags are manufactured in our Toowoomba workshop, using tried and tested designs that maintain a simple approach to produce a durable and robust product.

    Compare our Two Styles... 

    Sunset Style Swag - open at both ends.   
    Deluxe Style Swag - sewn in at the foot end.  

    Compare our Three Sizes...    

    (Base Dimensions (L x W) not including floor extension)
    Single:   2140mm x 800mm 
    King Single:   2140mm x 1000mm
    Double: 2140mm x 1450mm

    Why this swag - the Single Sunset Style...   
    Size: Compact swag if your tight on space;
    Style: Open-end zipper splits apart so the canvas top
    flap can be placed to the side of the swag on
    hot nights;
    Hitch the top flap up using the lug and this swag 
    can be pitched into an A-Frame;
    Add an extra zipper down the opposite side and 
    the canvas top flap can be placed off the bottom
    of the swag on hot nights;
    Add a screened front to totally enclose the swag;
    Add a storm flap for additional weather 

    See the Single Sunset Swag - Click photos to enlarge:
    Sunset Swag DesignSunset Swag with Canvas Top Flap Tied Up Using the Lug at Both EndsSunset Swag Laid Out FlatSunset Swag with Zipper Released and Canvas Top Flap Rolled to the Side
    Sunset Single Swag Dimensions (Drawing Not to Scale)Colour Selection GuideSwag with Optional Extra of Screened FrontSwag with Optional Extra of Storm Flap
    Swag with Optional Extras of Screened Front and Storm Flap (Shown Folded Back)Swag with Optional Extra of Screen PrintingSwags and Gear Bags


    • Colours: Large Selection
    • Canvas Top Flap: 12oz Canvas - Maintains its body, won't go limp like a bed sheet
    • Canvas Top Flap: Ample canvas (1.8m) in top flap to ensure plenty of sleeping room
    • Vinyl Base: Durable and easy to keep clean - canvas available on request
    • Zipper: YKK chunky-tooth, open-end zipper for ease of use. Sunset Canvas uses YKK zippers for their superior quality.
    • Canvas Cover Flap over Zippers: Dust and dirt protection for the zippers
    • Pocket: At the both ends of swag for pillows, storage etc.
    • Floor Extension: Extends 300mm from the base at the head end of your swag, great mat to step onto before you hop into bed or to put your belongings on.
    • Webbing Lugs: Sewn onto the Canvas Top Flap, allow the swag be pitched at both ends to form a mini-tent
    • Straps: Secure your rolled swag with a two straps each 2m long, that fasten through double dees
    • Handle: For easy carrying
    • Mattress: High density 50mm or 75mm foam with a cotton cover infused w

    Optional Extras

    • Screened Front: Velcros to the Canvas Top Flap. Two are required for this swag to enclose the sleeping area.
    • Storm Flap: Velcros to the Canvas Top Flap and gives you a generous 900mm of additional weather protection
    • Screenprinting: Name your swag, make it unique.
    • Screened Fronts and Storm Flaps can be added at a later date as all swags are manufactured with provision for the detachable optional extras.
    • See photos of some Optional Extras in Product Overview Section above.

    Product Q&A

    Swag - Single Sunset