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Campers & Poptops

Sunset Canvas manufactures and installs Roll-Out Awnings with or without walls and Traditional Annexes. For your annexe you choose the number of doorways and windows, whether you require additional screening, fixed or detachable walls for traditional annexes, any options you require are available. 

  • Campers & Poptops

    Product Overview

    Sunset Canvas can replace your pop-top insert or your camper canvas and a excellent outcome is always guaranteed.  Your pop-top insert or camper canvas will be manufactured from quality, long-lasting fabrics to ensure your an enjoyable and hassle free camping experience.

    Also camper tonneau covers, manufactured by Sunset Canvas, are a well-fitted, top quality accessory for your camper. The tried and tested design using stretch cord to secure your tonneau cover gives you more height and flexibility for load coverage.  Various fabrics and colour choices are available.

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    Optional Extras

    • Blinds can be attached to posts using zippers and sailtrack for additional stability, tension and weather protection. 
    • We only use YKK No 10 Chunky Tooth Zips because of their superior quality.

    Product Q&A

    Campers & Poptops
    Campers & PoptopsCampers & PoptopsCampers & PoptopsCampers & Poptops
    Campers & PoptopsCampers & PoptopsCampers & PoptopsCampers & Poptops
    Campers & PoptopsCampers & Poptops