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Sunset Canvas custom-makes Field Day and Marquee Tents to any size you require.

Both styles of tent are manufactured using quality fabrics, pegs, poles and fittings, and are made to withstand field day conditions.


Tent and Camping Accessories including swags, camping fly/tarps, pegs, poles and guy ropes are also available.


Field Day Tents...


Field day tents are also known as octopus, display or promotional tents and are

popular for business exhibits at trade shows, etc because of its “roof only – walls optional” construction.  Guy ropes are attached through a heavy steel ring.  (See Photos below).




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Marquee Tents...


Marquee tents have a full perimeter of one-piece 38mm galvanised side poles, and generally one or two, two-piece centre poles depending on the tent size.  The walls of the marquee tent can be fixed or detachable.




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The following inclusions are available for both the Field Day Tents and the Marquee Tents:

  • Fabrics available in a wide range of colours;

  • Any size you require;

  • Acrylic coated 610g/m2 PVC for roof;

  • Fabric is fire retardant and easy to clean;

  • Roof is high-frequency welded to guarantee it is waterproof;

  • Nylon grommet plates in reinforced patches for poles;

  • Two piece centre pole/s;

  • To eliminate movement of the centre pole, tie down ropes are attached to the roof and anchored by a peg in the ground;

  • Heavy duty pegs;
  • Full set of storage bags.

Optional - Walls…

  • Walls are 2.1m high;

  • 460g/m2 PVC for walls;

  • Detachable walls have brass hanging hooks in a reinforced hem along the top edge to hook onto roof;

  • Wall patches velcro around the poles to secure in windy weather;

  • Brass eyelets in the bottom of the wall can be used to secure walls by pegging to the ground;

  • Walls are generally laced together although zippers are also an option.

Optional Extras…

  • Screenprinting including business name and logo as required.

Also Available...

  • Tent Fly/Tarp - heavy-duty in silver/green polyfabric or a colour of your choice;

  • Swags - Please refer to our separate section on swags;
  • Camping Accessories including pegs, poles and guy ropes (see Fittings, Rope & Accessories);

  • Many and varied miscellaneous items – please enquire.



Need a Free Quote or More Information...

Tents are not currently available for purchase on-line. 

If you would like a quote please complete the enquiry form below and include:

  • style of tent (field day tent or marquee tent);

  • size of the tent;

  • fixed or detachable walls or perhaps no walls;

  • number of windows and doorways.

Sunset Canvas would be pleased to supply a quotation.


 Enquiry Form


or phone (07) 4633 1600 and talk to one of our trade qualified sales people.


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